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04/27/14 - Neil Genzingler gives us a big splash in The New York Times
04/18/14 - Article in The Epoch Times ahead of our broadcast on WNET
03/14/14 - Zipper gets "Highly Recommended" from Educational Media Reviews
02/24/14 - The Booklist Review of Zipper (for all you professors & librarians)
02/07/14 - Kudos from Michael Vasquez in The Huffington Post
11/04/13 - Zipper poster wins BEST OF SHOW by AIGA at Indie Memphis!
11/04/13 - Project Nerd reviews Zipper following the Tallgrass Festival
11/01/04 - Capsule review by the Commercial Appeal in advance of Indie Memphis
10/30/13 - Tales from the festival circuit with Amy Nicholson and hubby Tim Schadt
10/28/13 - Interview with Zipper's Director in This Week In New York
10/18/13 - Amusing the Zillion's write up on Zipper's return to its birthplace
10/17/13 - Hilarious review of Zipper in the anti-gentrification blog DIE HIPSTER
10/11/13 - The Wichita Business Journal writes about Zipper and THE Zipper
10/11/13 - Profile of the filmmaker in Women's Focus Magazine 
09/09/13 - Review by Carol Kaufman Segal on
08/30/13 - Interview with the Director on Bronxnet TV
08/29/13 - The LA Times review of Zipper
08/15/13 - The Weekly Nabe again with a profile of Zipper Director's hubby
08/14/13 - Great post on The Weekly Nabe with Joe Sitt headline
08/14/14 - Feature story with Nicole Ryan on News12 Brooklyn
08/13/13 - Interview with the Director on Chris T.'s Aerial View on WFMU
08/10/13 - Review of Zipper in Indiewood/Hollywouldn't
08/09/13 - This Week in New York gives Zipper 3 1/2 out of 4 stars
08/09/13 - Lou Lumencik reviews Zipper for the NY Post
08/08/13 - Brooklyn Based says "a beautifully shot portrait of a fading Culture"
08/08/13 - Joe Neumaier gives Zipper 5 stars in the NY Daily News
08/08/13 - The Washington Square Park Blog interview with Zipper's Director
08/08/13 - Ronnie Scheib reviews Zipper for Variety
08/08/13 - The New York Times review of Zipper by Nicholas Rapold
08/08/13 - Nice capsule review of Zipper on Vimooz
08/07/13 - The Indiewire review of Zipper - it's a B+ - not too shabby
08/07/13 - Article on the popular Brooklyn Heights Blog
08/06/13 - The Time Out New York review of Zipper
08/06/13 - Interview with the director on NBC News New York
08/06/13 - Q&A with the director on EV GRIEVE, The east Village blog
08/06/13 - Review on Reel Life with Jane
08/06/13 - Interview with the director on Working Not Working's blog
08/05/13 - Interview with the director on Today In New York (NBC)
08/05/13 - Review of Zipper in SLANT Magazine by Kalvin Henely
08/01/13 - Review on American Thinker (love the name)
08/01/13 - Article in DNAinfo New York about the IFC opening
08/01/13 - Interview with the director on Eye for Film
07/31/13 - Great review in the L Magazine by Henry Stewart
07/31/13 - Interview with the Director on Rooftop Film's Filmwax Radio
07/30/13 - Interesting review of ZIPPER by a big real estate industry paper
07/30/13 - ON DEMAND's 5 reasons to watch Zipper by the director
07/18/13 - Article in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle about the IFC engagement.
05/04/13 - Montclair Times review preceding the Montclair Film Festival
04/19/13 - Review by Christina Gillham in widely read Montclair blog Baristanet  
04/05/13 - Review and interview by C.E. Marraffino in The Garden State Journal  
03/07/13 - Zipper wins Outstanding Achievement in Editing at First Time Fest
03/01/13 - Hubert Vigilla reviews Zipper (again) for Flixist
02/28/13 - Movie Buzzers review by Chris McKittrick
02/27/13 - Indywood/Hollywouldn't profile of Director Amy Nicholson  
02/23/13 - Adam Schartoff with director Amy Nicholson on Filmwax Radio  
02/01/13 - Film review in industry favorite Amusement Today  
02/05/13 - Hollywood Reporter review by John DeFore
02/05/13 - Review in PopMatters by Cythia Fuchs  
02/04/13 - Interview on BBOX radio show Romantic Friendship  
02/02/13 - Interview with Will Bredderman in The Brooklyn Paper  
11/19/12 - New York Observer editorial by Kevin Baker
11/16/12 - Indiewire announces Special Jury Prize for ZIPPER
11/15/12 - Architectural Record review by Dante A. Ciampaglia
11/15/12 - New York Post review by Rich Calder
11/15/12 - Review on Amusing the Zillion blog
11/13/12 - Film review on FLIXIST
11/11/12 - Director as guest on the Mike and Judy Show
11/08/12 - Director Amy Nicholson guest posts on Indiewire
11/07/12 - Village Voice highlights New York films at DOC NYC Fest
11/07/12 - ZIPPER chosen as best of DOC NYC Festival
11/07/12 - Interview on WBAI's Reel World with Mike Sargent
10/23/12 - The Kenetic Carnival posts about our upcoming World Premiere
10/22/12 - debuts our poster by artist Steve Powers
10/09/12 - ZIPPER will have its World Premiere at DOC NYC!
09/29/12 - Kodak's The Storyboard on why Zipper was shot on film
07/27/12 - DOC NYC's 'Where are they now?' with Supervising Editor Laura Israel
07/26/12 - Our favorite Coney Island blog debuts the trailer
07/26/12 - Zipper featured on Curbed
07/25/12 - Zipper trailer featured on the Documentary Blog